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A group of elite soldiers, including one woman, sign up for the ultimate training mission. The group parachutes onto a remote island, where their objective is to reach the safety zone before the "opposing force" captures them. Everything does not go as expected, and the training mission turns into the real thing.

Where civilization ends and survival begins.

Opposing Force

Movie details Opposing Force

Release : 1986-08-01

Genre :

Runtime : 100

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The term opposing force is occasionally used to refer to a genuine military foe. This article is concerned only with its use in simulated conflict.
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There had long been a truce between the opposing forces, but according to the Guide-Book, Raynauld of Chatillon, Lord of Kerak, broke it by plundering a Damascus ...
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The commander of an Air Force camp simulates prisoner-of-war conditions for realistic training goes too far, creating all too real torture situations.
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