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The upper torso of a female, claws her way around Japan searching for her lower half. The person's lower half was severed in a train accident in Hokkaido. Anyone that hears of this story will see Teke-Teke's lower half walking aimlessly around the countryside within three days.

Teke Teke

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Release : 2009-03-21

Genre : Horror, Foreign

Runtime : 70

Company :

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The Teke Teke (also known as Tek-Tek) is a Japanese urban legend about the ghost of a young woman, or school girl, who fell on a rail way line and was cut in half by ...
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Teke-Teke (or Tek-Tek) is a scary Japanese urban legend about a girl who fell under a train and was cut in half. She took a long time to die and now her ghost
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Yuko Oshima stars as Kana, a schoolgirl whose normal life is turned upside-down when her best friend is found brutally murdered, having been cut completely ...
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Teke Teke is the ghost of a Japanese schoolgirl who roams the train stations of Japan. In life, this girl was a scardey cat and people are always playing practical ...
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Watch Teke Teke online for $4.99 / 2 days. Starring AKB48 Yuko Oshima, Mami Yamasaki, and Mai Nishida. Directed by Koji Shiraishi, who brought you Grotesque.
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