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The beauty of the land cannot mask the brutality of a farm town. As harvest draws near, Betty confronts a terrifying new reality and will go to desperate lengths to save her family when they are threatened with being forced from their land. An old friend, struggling to keep his own farm profitable by any means necessary, offers Betty a way out. She refuses to get involved, but as the pressures mount for her family and they are on the brink of eviction, her husband, Frank, reveals that he is seriously ill. How far will one to go to take care of one’s own? Recalling all that is heartland Americana, this film combines an ecological urgency with a compelling yet sensitive story.


Movie details Runoff

Release : 2015-06-26

Genre : Drama, Thriller

Runtime : 90

Company : White Whale Pictures, Cantuckee Pictures

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Runoff (surface water runoff) When rain or snow falls onto the earth, it just doesn't sit there, it starts moving according to the laws of gravity.
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The strategy is simple: Maybe a challenger could win in the primary, but the chances could be better in a runoff where only the most active voters turn out.
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Surface runoff (also known as overland flow) is the flow of water that occurs when excess stormwater, meltwater, or other sources flows over the earth's surface.
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Runoff definition, something that drains or flows off, as rain that flows off from the land in streams. See more.
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Runoff is the movement of water and any contaminants across the soil surface. It occurs when irrigation, rain or snow melt adds water to a surface faster than it can ...
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Runoff transfer of landwater to the oceans Animation by: Bramer. Runoff is the movement of landwater to the oceans, chiefly in the form of rivers, lakes, and streams.
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Runoff, run-off or RUNOFF may refer to: Runoff / run-off / RUNOFF. Runoff (program), the Multics operating system type-setting program; Runoff or run-off, another ...